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City, Government, and Administration

The City of Odense is governed by a council with 29 members, six specialist committees, and a finance committee.

The City of Odense is governed by a City Council with 29 members who are elected for a four-year term. The City Council meets every other Wednesday at 17:00 at the Town Hall.


The parts of the meeting open to the public can be watched from the public gallery on the second floor. It is also possible to stream the public meetings on ByrådsTV (Danish only) 


The 29 members of the Council are further organized within six specialist committees and a finance committee. Each committee is chaired by a deputy mayor and the Finance Committee is chaired by the mayor. There is one committee for each municipal department.




There are around 13,500 public servants working in seven departments in the City of Odense. Read more about each department here:


Departments in the City of Odense City counsel  Responsibilities
Mayor's department Peter Rahbæk Juel (Mayor)

International relations
Joint procurement service for the City of Odense
Legal matters
Secretarial services to the mayor, the finance committee and the council.

Culture, Sport and Urban development Søren Windell (deputy mayor) Administration of libraries, sports facilities and cultural activities
Supporting communities, voluntary associations and clubs
Urban planning
Traffic management
Urban renewal and housing improvement
Environmental and building authority
Land supply plus purchase and sale of real estate
Facility management of council property
District heating supply
Construction and management of roads, public spaces, churchyards and parks
Elderly and Disabled Brian Dybro (deputy mayor) Home help (practical assistance)
Personal care and nursing
Remedies and appliances for the disabled
Rehabilitation and mobilization
Transport and housing for all pensioners with relevant needs
Transport for citizens with physical and mental disabilities
Children and Youth Affairs Susanne Crawley Larsen (deputy mayor)  State schools
Child care
After school care
Public dental care
Sports and leisure facilities
Employment and Social Services Christoffer Lilleholt (deputy mayor) Social work
Health Administration Tommy Hummelmose (deputy mayor) Preventive and health promoting activities
Dental care
Rehabilitation and training
Free physiotherapy
Collaboration with the Region of Sothern Denmark in the hospital and health area 
Climate and Environment Tim Vermund (deputy mayor)

Sustainable mobility
Sustainable and renewable energy
An environmental-friendly Odense
Odense Commune as a business
Circular economy
Co2 emission in Odense
Partnerships for neutrality  


The City of Odense
  • Flakhaven 2
  • 5000 Odense C
  • Phone: + 45 66 13 13 72
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