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Digital Post

As a citizen in Denmark, you receive your post from public authorities in Denmark.

For more information on receiving digital post as a citizen (in Danish), visit Odense.dk.

From binders and envelopes to Digital Post

The law initiates a process that makes it mandatory for companies and citizens to use Digital Post. You can contact Odense Kommune (Odense Municipality) and other public authorities via Digital Post. Do this through odense.dk or borger.dk. If you are not able to receive Digital Post from the public authorities, you can apply for exemption and instead receive the messages as ordinary physical mail.



Digital Post is safe communication between you and the public authorities

Send, receive, and store your correspondence with the public authorities using Digital Post. It gives you an overview, and you no longer need paper, stamps, and large binders. Your mailbox is connected with your social security number. It will follow you for your entire life – regardless of whether you move physically or change your e-mail address.



Several mailboxes - choose your entrance

With a few clicks, you can synchronize your Digital Post with Borger.dk, the Digital Post-app, e-Boks, or mit.dk. You can see mail from both private companies and public authorities in one place if you use e-Boks or mit.dk.



How do I get Digital Post?

You have to book an appointment, and you can only set up your Digital Post in Danish. If you need help with your Digital Post you are always welcome at Borgerservice, the Citizen Service Centre at Borgernes Hus, Østre Stationsvej 15, 5000 Odense C. You can also get help at the libraries.


At Borgerservice, they can help you give a family member or a close friend access to your Digital Post. If you cannot use Digital Post because of language difficulties or a disability, you can be exempted from Digital Post. To be exempted, you must visit either Borgerservice or the local libraries in Vollsmose or in Tarup.

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