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Absolute Assurance for Accommodation (AAA)

Absolute Assurance for Accommodation (AAA) for students

What is Absolute Assurance Accommodation?
If you have not found a place to stay before your studies start in Odense, you may be eligible to use AAA. In that case, you will be offered temporary accommodation where you can live
  • until you find a permanent home
  • or until you have used AAA for three months

which is the maximum period of time you can take advantage of the AAA. 


The process 

Below you can follow the process of application, entry, and relocation, so you'll know what to do when you know if you have been accepted as a student in City of Odense.


Not later than 8th of August

Sign up for accommodation at studiebolig-odense.dk. In your application, select "search everything".

You can, however, emphasize that your rent should not exceed 2,800 DKK including utilities. In the following period you must be actively be seeking permanent accommodation.


1 week prior to the commencement of study 

If you have not found permanent accommodation eight days before the commencement of your study, please contact one of the housing associations that are included here, studiebolig-odense.dk. Let them know that you wish to take advantage of the AAA.

The housing association you decide to contact will check whether or not you have met the requirements for AAA. Afterwards, they will ensure that City of Odense is notified about your eligibility.


A few days after 

City of Odense will email you a so-called ‘homeless contract' and offer you temporary accommodation and further information regarding payment etc.

Within two working days after being contacted by City of Odense

You will receive your contract within two working days after being contacted by City of Odense. Please sign and return the contract via email along with proof of payment. 

When you return the signed contract and proof of payment you will get more information on pick-up of keys etc. 

Commencement of study – around November

Around this period, you will typically move into your temporary accommodation. You are in the following period obliged to actively be seeking permanent accommodation. 

If you say no to or fail to respond to an offer of accommodation your contract with AAA is annulled, and you need to move out. During this period, you risk having to move around between different accommodations. 



By November you need to have found a permanent accommodation. 

The accommodation provided by AAA must be left in the same condition as you received it.

The City of Odense
  • Flakhaven 2
  • 5000 Odense C
  • Phone: + 45 66 13 13 72
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