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UCL University College

UCL University College offers a range of professional higher education programmes taught in English for both international and Danish students. The college works closely together with industry and commerce, cooperates with nearly 4,000 companies, and have a strong international profile.

UCL University College's international programmes are divided into 5 main areas:

  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Construction
  • Multimedia and IT
  • Events, Leisure and Tourism    
  • Technology, Energy and Logistics

The programmes are structured at three different levels:

  • AP degree programmes (2-year)   
  • BA programmes (3½-year)
  • BA top-up programmes (1½-year)

Campus with highly modern facilities

In August 2016, UCL University College's new campus opened in the centre of Odense. Thereby, 3,500 full-time students were gathered under one roof and close to the city centre, the railway station, and the harbour. 

The educational environment is highly modern with bright classrooms, labs, study lounges, and nice outdoor areas. 


The City of Odense
  • Flakhaven 2
  • 5000 Odense C
  • Phone: + 45 66 13 13 72