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Studying in Odense

Odense offers a vibrant and dynamic student life, centred around more than 180 higher education programmes. We aim to make your stay in Odense a memorable experience

Tinderbox photo: Thorsten Iversen

With more than 180 higher education programmes, ranging from ballet dancer to bio-medicine and robotics, there is ample opportunity to find the right education for you here in Odense.  


At this point in time, 15% of the inhabitants in Odense are students.

We are in the process of building several new student residences in or near the city centre and the University of Southern Denmark.

The goal is that, come 2020, we will be able to attract more than 10,000 new students to what we believe is the best university city in Denmark. 

As a foreign student wishing to study in Denmark, either for a short time or a full degree, you can receive help from a Danish student adviser.


Learn more about life as a student in Odense and Denmark:


Study Institutions

The City of Odense
  • Flakhaven 2
  • 5000 Odense C
  • Phone: + 45 66 13 13 72