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Invest in Odense

Join the leading robotics hub in Europe!

Frontier for robotic, drone and health technology

Odense is a modern industrial city. The new industrial revolution is not all that new to Odense. In fact, Odense has been working with robotics since 1986. 


In 2016, the Danish business journalist Carsten Steno wrote the book “A Cluster of Success” about the robotics environment in Odense and the rise of Universal Robots.
The story of the cluster goes back 30 years.


A cluster of success

What makes the city of Odense special is its strong robotic ecosystem of companies, education/research and public players. In this Triple Helix ecosystem you will find three great clusters representing the strengths of Odense.

The vision for Odense is to become the capital of Europe for start-ups and development of robotic technology. In 2015 Odense Robotics StartUp Hub was established in order to continuously bring new companies with growth potential to the ecosystem. The test centre for drones is located at the Hans Christian Andersen Airport, and in the health sector there is a willingness to test new products. 

What's more, in 2016, Odense will be hosting the events RoboBusiness Europe, Nordic UAS Event and WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation. 

So there are plenty of business opportunities and reasons to invest in Odense. And in Odense we actively try to match companies and investors. The primary interest of Invest in Odense's investor network is to invest in companies within the fields of robotics, drones and health. In addition to funding, the investors contribute with expertise, networks and knowledge of the clusters – key success factors of a start-up, which can be brought into the partnership. We identify investors that match the individual capital-seeking company. So when your business needs to grow, Odense is the place to be.

Further information: www.investinodense.dk

The City of Odense
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