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Business in Odense

Odense is Denmark’s third largest city with 200,000 inhabitants, and the advantage of being located in the heart of Denmark, making Odense a great meeting point

Odense is an open and modern city and is set to invest more than 34 billion DKK in urban development in the coming years. Such development requires us to work closely with our business partners.


To attract business and companies, Odense has the lowest level of taxation and fees of the large cities in Denmark and we offer, of other things, excellent opportunities for networking and exposure, and transparent, quick handling of your paperwork.


We provide strong public support to new investors and companies that relocate to Odense to ensure that we all succeed.

The City of Odense
  • Flakhaven 2
  • 5000 Odense C
  • Phone: + 45 66 13 13 72